FAQS for Online Video Interviews

FAQs for Online Video Interviews

1. How does a video interview work?

  • You will be sent a link to the Kira Academic platform, where you will enter your email address and a unique code.
  • Instructions for setting up your video interview will be provided there, including contact information for technical support.
  • You will have an opportunity to do some “practice” videos first, and then when you start with your actual interview questions, you will have a limited time to prepare your answer, and a set time to respond.
  • Since the questions are pre-recorded, you can access and respond to your interview questions at any time of day, from any location.

2. Can I use my mobile device/tablet to conduct my interview?

  • Yes, you can download Kira Interview for your iOS or Android device. It works with iOS 7+, and Android 4.0+. If you are searching on an iPad, look under iPhone Only apps.

3. What kinds of questions are asked?

  • Most questions are behaviour-based such as “Tell us about a time that you…”, or “Describe a situation where you…”

4. How many questions are in this interview?

  • Your interview has three (3) video questions, and 1 written question that is completed online as well. You have 90 seconds to respond to each video question and five minutes to complete your written response. Prior to each video question, you will have 30 seconds of prep time.

5. How many times can I practice?

  • An unlimited number of times! The practice session has 2 questions, but you can have as many practice sessions as you need to feel comfortable with video interviewing before starting your interview.

6. Are practices saved?

  • No, it is for you to prepare and learn from. Practices are recorded so you can replay them and see how you did, but never saved or sent to the interviewer. You can even watch and review your responses to your practice questions.

7. Is there a dress code?

  • There is no dress code, but make sure you’re professional and presentable for the camera.

8. If I’m not happy with my answers, can I do this interview more than once?

  • No. Just like a real interview, you are given one opportunity to provide your responses.

9. Will the link to my video interview expire?

  • The link will expire after the application deadline date once we have closed our admission cycle.

10. I applied to the Co-op program. Is this my Co-op interview?

  • No. Invitations for the Co-op interview will be sent after reviewing your video interview results, online application, and supporting documents.

11. Why is this interview important?

  • Not every candidate may come across as strongly as they could ‘on paper’. This interview helps the admissions team identify the candidates who have potential to be great leaders. We want to see how you present yourself with little time to prepare or polish your answers. These videos are a way for us to learn more about your achievements, dreams, goals, and challenges.

12. What happens after my interview?

  • As long as we have all of your supporting documents (GMAT, transcripts, resume, references, etc.), your application will now be considered complete. You will then be reviewed for admission by a member of the admissions team, and a final admission decision will be forwarded to Full-time, Part-time, and Accelerated candidates within two (2) weeks. Successful Co-op applicants will receive an invitation to the behaviour-based, in-person co-op interview – which is the final step in this program’s application process.


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