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If you have successfully completed the equivalent of our first-year (600-level) MBA courses at another university within North America, you may be eligible to apply to receive transfer credits in order to be eligible for our Accelerated program.   This policy gives students who have completed equivalent courses prior to joining our MBA program the opportunity to see if they are eligible for our Accelerated program.  We encourage all prospective students who have questions about credits to contact us at

Transfer credits are only applicable to Accelerated students and Part-time students entering the program in Fall 2016.

**Effective September 2016: Only candidates who have earned their degree from a recognized Canadian or American University will have their courses reviewed automatically for credit. Courses completed outside of North America will no longer be reviewed for credit.


What is a transfer credit?

Transfer Credit: you will receive credit for an equivalent course you have previously taken.

How will I find out if I am eligible for transfer credits?

In most cases, the courses for which you would be eligible for credits will be outlined on your offer letter from DeGroote. Before you apply, please feel free to view our list of previously approved courses that have been approved for transfer credit in the past. This list is sorted by university and is to be used as a guideline only. Course transfer credit requests are not guaranteed and need to be approved by the Admissions team. Please note: Effective September 2016, courses completed at universities outside of North America will no longer be eligible for transfer credits.

What if I believe I am eligible for a credit and it was not given to me in my offer letter?

If you believe that a course that you have taken is equivalent to one of our first year courses there will be a separate application that you can fill out after you have accepted our admission offer. A faculty member will make the final decision if that course is eligible.

Is there a time limit on when I took the courses?

Yes, you must have completed the degree in which the course was taken within the last 10 years.

Is there a minimum grade that I must have to get a credit?

Students must have at least a B grade in the equivalent course to be eligible. McMaster students must have at least a B- grade in the equivalent course to be eligible.

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