In mid-July, you will start receiving emails from us with information about course registration and events leading up to the first day of classes.

Make sure you keep the admission offer letter we send to you as it will contain information about conditions you will need to fulfill during the registration process.

Overview of the registration process:

  • Your McMaster student ID number will be sent to you prior to registration.
  • After you apply in the Mosiac application system, your barcode will be sent to you in an acknowledgement email. Your barcode can also be found on your student ID card if you are a current McMaster student.
  • Once you have both your student ID number and your barcode, you will be able to activate your MacID. You will need an active MacID to be able to log into Mosiac which will give you access to the online registration system.
  • Registration for courses starts in late July.
  • If you want to start thinking about your classes now, check out the most recent course calendar and schedule.

Detailed instructions on how to register for courses can be found on the current students website.

Get comfortable with Mosaic!

Mosaic is the online system you will be using to register for classes, manage your personal information, and access your academic and financial information.

While you are a student at DeGroote, our primary way of communicating with you will be through your McMaster email account. You will be able to activate your email account through Mosaic. Make sure to check your McMaster email frequently to stay up-to-date on activities and take advantage of opportunities.

We are happy to welcome you as an MBA student to the DeGroote School of Business. For more details on life as an MBA student at DeGroote and specific requirements of the MBA program please visit the current students section of this website.

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