Exchange program

DeGroote’s BizX International Exchange program helps you prepare for success in today’s global economy, while enjoying a rewarding personal experience abroad.

An exchange program offers you a once in a lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself in a different culture and lifestyle while studying for your degree. It’s also an opportunity to prove to yourself that you can handle life in a different country and to maybe learn a thing or two about yourself as well.

The people you meet through an exchange program might change your life. This includes friends and colleagues that you study and travel with, and contacts that you may never have had the chance to network with otherwise.

The schools we partner with use many different teaching methods and offer alternative ways to learn the material in your business courses. (All courses are taught in English.)

There are thousands of business students that graduate in Canada each year. An international exchange on a resume is an excellent way to make yourself stand out in today’s business world.

If you want to increase your knowledge of global issues and further diversify your experiences, study abroad for a term. To find out more, visit the DeGroote BizX International Exchange program website.

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