International Students

Canada and the DeGroote School of Business are proud to welcome diversity. Typically, close to 20% of our MBA student population is international. During the last five years we have hosted students from China, India, Pakistan, the U.S., the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and many other countries. We value the contributions these students bring to the classroom with their different experiences and perspectives.

Why should international students choose DeGroote?

We offer a high quality education which is AACSB accredited and internationally recognized. The high calibre of our student body and our orientation programs help make starting your studies in Canada easier.

Admission requirements

All of the information you need to prepare your application and apply for an MBA at DeGroote can be found on the before you apply page. (Please note the additional information for international applicants on that page.) You may be required to demonstrate your English language proficiency and all international applicants must have at least one year of full-time continuous managerial, professional or technical work experience. Due to variations in the educational systems around the world, bachelor’s degrees from foreign countries are assessed for Canadian equivalency. You are required to have completed a total of 16 years of education in order to qualify for admission to the MBA program. International candidates are required to submit all of their supporting documentation by March 30 for September admission.


There are a limited number of entrance scholarships (ranging from $2,000 to $10,000) available for international students. Candidates applying to the full-time and co-op programs are considered automatically for scholarships when they apply. If you are awarded a scholarship you will be notified with your offer of admission.

Additionally, a number of entrance scholarships are available due to the generosity of philanthropic donors. A separate application form may be required for these awards.

International students should make sure they are aware of the tuition costs associated with their program. Students should be prepared to pay all necessary fees with or without scholarship assistance.

Click here for more details about tuition fees.

Successful international applicants

International students who are accepted into the MBA program are responsible for making arrangements to ensure they qualify for entry into Canada. McMaster’s office for International Student Services provides information about obtaining a study visa. It’s a good idea to start the process early. You should plan to arrive in mid-August for the Pre-MBA Program.

For more tips on planning your arrival to Canada, please view our Handbook for International MBA Students.

Pre-MBA Program for international students

We recognize that it can be challenging to understand Canadian culture and our educational approach. To help ensure your success, we offer an orientation program in mid to late August for all newly admitted international students. This 6-day Pre-MBA Program is designed with you in mind.

Health and medical insurance

All McMaster Visa students must enroll in the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP). This will provide you with affordable coverage for medical services you might require while you are a student here.

Handbook for International MBA Students

Every year we prepare a handbook for our international students to help guide your preparations for arriving and living in Canada.

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