Redesigned Schedule

Full-time and Co-op Students – Year One Term 1

Redesign schedule Fall


Full-time students – Year One Term 2

Redesign schedule Winter


Co-op students – Year One Term 2

Redesign schedule Spring

Schedule breakdown:

 Pre-MBA (1 week)

Our orientation program designed specifically for international students.

  • Canadian culture and norms
  • Academic requirements and best practices
  • Development of professional business skills for the classroom and global society

More information can be found here.

 Onboarding (1 week)

Onboarding is a week-long mini-MBA. You will be introduced to a series of business models, skill development activities, and new ways of approaching problems that you will continue to develop throughout your MBA and professional career.

 Foundation 1-5 (1 week each)

Foundation weeks include key concepts to help students build their business acumen. Each week will use expert faculty and professionals to introduce up to four critical business functions providing students with foundational learning before the nine week core curriculum.

  • Foundation 1 – Analysis
  • Foundation 2 – Data and Decisions
  • Foundation 3 – Application
  • Foundation 4  – Reflection
  • Foundation 5 – Review and Relaunch

 Core 1 – (9 weeks)

This 9-week core programming combines functional business areas into an integrated course model. Followed by an exam period.

  • Managing Financial Resources
  • Economics and Business Statistics
  • Creating Customer Value
  • Competing through Digital Transformation & Analytics
  • Managing Organizations

  Core 2 – (9 weeks)

Core 2 is 9-week curriculum where students are given some choice in their learning experience. Followed by an exam period,

Students are required to take Accounting for Decision Making and .

In addition, students must select three of the following five courses:

  • Managing People in Organizations
  • Introduction to Health Management
  • Information Systems in Business
  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • Operations Management

 Integrated Project (3 weeks)

Students will complete a final culminating project in their first year that integrates all of their knowledge. This project will span three weeks and will put students’ skills and abilities to the test in a team setting.

  Break (1 week)

Students will have a one week break during the winter term mid-Core 2.






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