"The MBA gave me the confidence to excel in my career and make a meaningful impact in the world."

Jamie Paton
MBA Candidate 2024 | Toronto, Ontario

Meet our students

The Full-Time with Co-op MBA Program at the DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University will help you diversify your work experience and launch your career. Combining classroom education and paid work terms, you'll gain valuable industry experience while exploring career options and building your professional network.

Start Date: September 2024
Length of Study: 28 Months
Work Experience Required: Work experience is encouraged but not required
Time in Class: 16 Months
Time in Co-op Terms: 12 Months

Applicants will be assessed in rounds with the following deadlines: 

  • Round 1 | October 11, 2023 
  • Round 2 | November 28, 2023 (DeGroote Scholarship Competition Awards Deadline) 
  • Round 3 | February 28, 2024 (International Deadline) 
  • Round 4 | May 31, 2024 (Domestic Deadline) 

Full-Time MBA with Co-op International Tuition: $118,300  
Full-Time MBA with Co-op Domestic Tuition: $55,500   

You could earn $44,300 on average through your degree* 

*This amount is not guaranteed but is an average of combined earnings through degree, based on 2022 reported co-op salaries. Fees are estimated and are subject to change.

More information is available here.

  • Resume
  • A “B” or 75% average, or higher, in the final two years of your undergraduate degree 
  • GMAT waiver available on a case-by-case basis
    • Completion of the GRE, Level 2 CFA and MCAT can be used in lieu of a GMAT 
  • IELTS or TOEFL score
    • English language proficiency requirements will be waived for applicants who have studied for a minimum of three years in a university where the medium of instruction was English 
  • Two academic or professional references
  • KIRA online interview
    • Additional interview post application might be required for Full Time MBA with Co-op applicants 

More information is available here..

All full-time applicants are considered for entrance scholarships at the time of admission. In 2023, the average scholarship received by an admitted applicant was $6K. Entrance scholarships range from $3K- $30K.  

$1M in entrance scholarship funding was available in 2023 

Once enrolled, students will also have the opportunity to apply for scholarships, also called awards, and bursaries. Scholarships are funding that’s awarded based on your academic and extracurricular achievements. Some are automatically awarded based on grades and others require an application. Bursaries are funding provided by McMaster University based solely on financial need. 

Both are non-repayable funding, which means they don’t need to be paid back. 

More information is available here.

Working with our Career and Professional Development team, you will be provided the skills, tools and resources necessary so you can find success after graduating with your MBA from DeGroote. We offer a number of career services to our MBA students including:

  • Personalized career coaching
  • Industry Expertise
  • Connecting with alumni and corporate partners through networking and mentorship activities and events
  • Access to various online and career resources
  • Professional skills development

More information is available here.

Get to Know Us

We’re not just looking for business students. We want students from all backgrounds who are ready to make a difference in the world.

We value community and collaboration.

As an MBA student, we believe you will transform business and society and contribute to a brighter world.

Beyond simply completing an MBA, we will instill values in you that will help you stand out in the workplace.

An MBA from DeGroote brings you closer to realizing your dream, and we want to help you get there.

The MBA That Puts You First

DeGroote is a community. We’re collaborative and welcoming. We want to work with students who want to make a difference and see the value and potential in one another.

We want to talk to the engineer who has great sustainability ideas but needs help on the commercialization side. We want to learn more about the political science major who is working in government but wants to explore consulting. We want to talk to the budding healthcare professional with a passion for microfinance loans in developing countries.

Regardless of your academic background, every DeGroote MBA student has potential waiting to be unlocked. At DeGroote, we get there together.