About the Program

Designed for business graduates, the Accelerated program gives you an opportunity to enter the second year of the MBA program.

If you have an undergraduate degree in business from a recognized Canadian or American university, you can earn your MBA in as little as 8 months. Graduates of McMaster’s Engineering and Management program are also able to take advantage of this option.

Start Date

Start Date

January 2021 and September 2021
Length of Study

Length of Study

8 months (full-time). A part-time option is also available.
Work Experience

Work Experience

You have graduated in the last 10 years with an undergraduate degree in business and have a minimum one year of full-time, continuous work experience post-graduation.

"I remember a session at DeGroote about your brand, your soft skills, your ability to network, your ability to look at the big picture, and really have a long-term plan. I think those were all things that prepared me for the current career and for the future as well."

Tanvir Bhangoo, VP Technology, Freshii
MBA 2014

Key Stats


Average amount of work experience of a typical Accelerated MBA student


Percentage of graduates employed after six months


Average age of an Accelerated MBA student


A GMAT is not required if the student has a competitive GPA in their final two years (or last 20 courses) of undergraduate study.

Customize Your Program

Specialize in Accounting, Business Analytics, Finance, Health Services Management, Strategic Business Valuation, Marketing, or choose to pursue a General MBA.

Work Experience Wanted

You must have at least one year of managerial, professional, or technical work experience.

Return On Investment

Complete an MBA in as little as 8 months, and ignite your career potential.

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Program Details

We do our best to answer any questions you might have about this program as a deciding to pursue an MBA is an important investment in yourself. If you do not see an answer to one of your questions, please feel free to ask a question.

I have a business degree from a non-Canadian university.  Would I be eligible for the program?

Students who have graduated with a business degree (example: a Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Business Administration) from a North American university are eligible for the program. We are not able to accept students with degrees from universities outside of North America.

I want to pursue the program only a part-time basis. How are classes delivered and how long with it take? 

If you complete the Accelerated MBA program on a part-time basis it will take approximately two year. Classes are delivered in-person on our campus in Burlington, Ontario. While most classes are typically held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, your course schedule for the week will ultimately depend on what classes you select.

Am I eligible for scholarships or bursaries?

If you are pursuing the Accelerated MBA full-time, you may be eligible for scholarships and bursaries in September. Requirements for scholarships and bursaries vary, so please read the application instructions carefully to ensure you applying for the right award. A sample listing of our scholarships are available on our in course site. We consider applicants for merit-based entrance scholarships and admission awards at the time of application.

Unfortunately, scholarships are not available to students who pursue the Accelerated MBA program on a part-time basis.

Are you able to waive the GMAT requirement?

We waive the GMAT on a case-by-case basis, and we encourage anyone who is wondering about the GMAT to connect with us.

What is my course schedule?

The Accelerated MBA program consists of two mandatory courses and eight electives.

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Show Us Your Grades

Admission  in the Accelerated MBA is based on your GPA in the final two years of your Commerce degree, plus a competitive GMAT and strong references.

If you think this program is the next step for you, contact us for an unofficial assessment by sending us a copy of your transcript.  Reach out to a recruiter if you would like additional program details.

Deciding on an MBA program is an important decision, and we’d like to help. Sign up for an event in your area, or make an appointment to meet us in person.