Image of Amal Ibrahim

Amal Ibrahim

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Full-time with Co-op
University of Toronto (Medical Sciences)
Class of 2024

Choosing to embark on a new career path was daunting, but the MBA is providing me with the necessary tools to embrace the challenges, seize new opportunities, and forge a fulfilling career in uncharted territory.

Work Experience during the DeGroote MBA (Co-op or Summer Internship)

  • Project Management Intern – Scotiabank

Why DeGroote?

After researching and speaking with alumni, DeGroote became the ideal institution to pursue my MBA! What truly sets DeGroote apart is the amount of support available to you. Your support system includes industry professionals, fellow students, and alumni. As well, the CPD team who is there is provide career guidance and assistance throughout your MBA journey.

What piece of advice would you give to anyone considering doing their MBA at DeGroote?

Build genuine relationships and seek mentorship opportunities to expand your professional network!

Extra Curricular Involvement at DeGroote MBA

  • Academic Director, MBA Association
  • MBA Student Ambassador