Andres Avila Otazo

La Paz, Bolivia
Full-time with Co-op
Universidad Católica Boliviana (Business Administration)
Investment Analyst Trainee, Portland Investment Counsel Inc.
Class of 2022

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take in life and in your MBA at DeGroote.

Why DeGroote?

When you look at the options that you have available, it is hard not to pick DeGroote. In my particular case, the unique Co-op experienced offered by DeGroote was key in making my decision. Experiential learning is at the core of the program and it allows you to experience different roles and career paths while building up your resume. At an academic level, different career paths are offered for every taste. Finally, the multiple levels of diversity within the program guaranteed the perfect environment for an MBA.

Why an MBA?

I chose the Co-op MBA at DeGroote because of its holistic view on business. The main components for me were the various courses on Valuation which could be selected to design a particular and unique skill set.

What surprised you about DeGroote?

Its non-stop pace. I love it.

What piece of advice would you give to anyone considering doing their MBA at DeGroote?

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take in life and in your MBA at DeGroote.

What has been the highlight of your DeGroote experience so far?

I cannot bring it all down to one highlight. The thing about my experience at DeGroote is that is has been great for a series of reasons that are intertwined. For example, Pitching in for Charity, a great event that shows both the community side of DeGroote and a full-force competition between MBA students trying to provide the best for their charities. It’s not only about the challenge, it’s about the people, the diversity, the learnings, the hustle and the community. For me, the highlight has been the whole journey.

Tell us one fun fact about you!

Played tennis at a national level.