Carolyn Adams

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Full-time with Co-op
University of Toronto (Bachelor of Kinesiology, Master of Science)
Class of 2024

Come in with a plan but don't be afraid to change that plan as you go through the program. Stay open to new opportunities!

Why DeGroote?

I chose DeGroote for my MBA because of the opportunity to learn both in the classroom and on the job in the MBA Co-op program. I was excited about the opportunity at DeGroote to build my business knowledge and gain valuable work experience in industries of interest to me.

Why an MBA?

Coming from a STEM background, I decided to return to school to pursue an MBA to expand my breadth of knowledge and build business acumen. Ultimately, I hope to bring together my research and science background and business knowledge in a client-facing role as a consultant.

What surprised you about DeGroote?

I was surprised by how you can make the MBA journey your own and tailor your experience to get the very most out of it through club involvement, international exchange opportunities, specializations, and professional development events.

What piece of advice would you give to anyone considering doing their MBA at DeGroote?

Come in with a plan but don’t be afraid to change that plan as you go through the program. Stay open to new opportunities!

What has been the highlight of your DeGroote experience so far?

It has been extremely rewarding to see myself and my peers grow over the first two semesters of the program. I feel that I have learned so much and the program has changed the way I view and approach problems.

Aside from being an MBA Student Ambassador, what other extra-curricular activities have you been involved with while at DeGroote?

  • MBA Ambassador

Tell us one fun fact about you!

I was an athlete competing in the pentathlon and heptathlon at the national level.