Image of Harsimran Sidhu

Harsimran Sidhu

Chandigarh, India
Full-time with Co-op
Punjab Engineering College (Bachelor of Engineering)
Class of 2024

The MBA presented the perfect opportunity for me to unlock my full potential. It allowed me to acquire the knowledge, skills, and network necessary to excel as I explored my interests and become a transformative leader. It became the catalyst that launched me into a journey of profound personal growth, unparalleled professional success, and a future teeming with boundless possibilities.

Work Experience during the DeGroote MBA (Co-op or Summer Internship)

  • Global Continuous Improvement – TJX Canada
  • Assistant Marketing Manager – Whirlpool Canada
  • Business Operations Specialist – Whirlpool Canada

Why DeGroote?

DeGroote has been life changing for me. Right from the faculty, the student experience team all the way to the partnering firms from the industry and the alumni network DeGroote has, is phenomenal. Here, the faculty and staff is so inclusive, collaborative and supportive. The CPD team at DeGroote and the Student Success Centre has always been there when I needed any advice or support. They make you feel like home specially when you’re far from your own.

Why an MBA?

I decided to pursue MBA to develop my leadership and decision-making skills. As an MBA Candidate, I am making decisions every day, and I am getting the opportunity to collaborate with future leaders in various Industries. This journey is allowing me to face complex challenges, but most importantly- it is helping me to identify my strengths and weaknesses so that I am better prepared to achieve my long-term goals.

What surprised you about DeGroote?

The close-knit community at DeGroote surprised me the most as I did not expect initially for people to go above and beyond to support my journey and help me whenever I reached out to them. The seniors, faculty, alum and the CPD team at DeGroote are always one request away. As an MBA candidate, these connections are priceless, and they support not only your MBA journey, but they stay with you unremittingly after you graduate.

What piece of advice would you give to anyone considering doing their MBA at DeGroote?

I would recommend every MBA candidate to challenge their potential, step out of their comfort zone, stimulate their curiosity, and most importantly, have fun throughout their MBA journey. It’s crucial to prioritize personal growth and development over simply checking off tasks on a to-do list. The MBA journey is a transformative experience that offers valuable connections, new insights, and personal growth opportunities. Rather than being overwhelmed by stress, candidates should focus on building meaningful relationships, gaining knowledge, and savouring the overall experience at DeGroote.

What has been the highlight of your DeGroote experience so far?

The friendships I have found at DeGroote are going to stay with me for long after the program ends. Professional career, growth and opportunity are all great, but the people I have met during my MBA are the greatest highlight of my DeGroote experience.

Extra Curricular Involvement at DeGroote MBA

  • Pitching in for Charity Competition
  • DeGroote Leader

Tell us one fun fact about you!

I love constructing creative home DIY projects. From accent walls, fireplaces to mudrooms and pergolas, all I need is my tool kit and a relaxing weekend.