Image 0 Jasmine Lamptey

Jasmine Lamptey

Accra, Ghana
Full-time with Co-op
University of Ghana (Bachelor of Arts - BA, Linguistics and Sociology)
Class of 2024

The MBA has been a transformative experience that has not only deepened my business knowledge but has also fostered personal growth, resilience and adaptability in the face of change.

Work Experience during the DeGroote MBA (Co-op or Summer Internship)

  • Enterprise Risk Management & Insurance Intern – CSA Group

Why DeGroote?

My first interaction with DeGroote was with the Admissions team during an MBA tour, which left a lasting impression on me! I enjoyed my discussions with the team and could not help but notice how welcoming and passionate they were about the school and its mission. During my follow-up engagements, I was also impressed by the accessibility and responsiveness of the team, ambassadors and current students. Whether it was through emails or virtual meetings, they consistently demonstrated a high level of professionalism and dedication. Their enthusiasm for the school and genuine willingness to support made me feel valued and affirmed my belief that DeGroote fosters a strong sense of community. One other thing that caught my attention was the MBA Co-op program. The opportunity to gain work experience while taking my MBA made me confident and I still am – that DeGroote has everything I am looking for in an MBA program!

What piece of advice would you give to anyone considering doing their MBA at DeGroote?

Embrace the entire experience and take advantage of the resources DeGroote provides! An MBA is more than a degree; it’s a transformative journey that encompasses personal and professional growth. Actively participate in class discussions, engage in extracurricular activities, attend networking events and seek experiential learning through internships. By embracing the entire experience and taking advantage of the resources available, you’ll maximize the benefits of your MBA and shape your future for success.

Extra Curricular Involvement at DeGroote MBA

  • MBA Student Ambassador
  • Participant, Pitching in for Charity