Image of Shay Kittuppanantharajah

Shay Kittuppanantharajah

Burlington, Canada
Full-time with Co-op
University of Brunswick (Bachelor of Nursing)
Class of 2023

The feeling of being supported through this journey is by far the highlight of DeGroote so far

Why DeGroote?

DeGroote’s inclusive student body and diverse extra curricular’s are what drove me to DeGroote. From day 1 I have appreciated the transparency of the admissions team and the dedication of the professors to help students thrive.

Why an MBA?

As a Registered Nurse, I felt that an MBA would support me in identifying administrative and business strategies with regards to the healthcare sector. At this point in my career, it felt appropriate to no longer streamline my educational career but to diverge into a discipline that is more broad and would provide me with insights outside of those that were clinical related.

What surprised you about DeGroote?

I knew entering DeGroote during a pandemic was going to be tough as relationship building would suffer due to everything being virtual. DeGroote however surprised me by providing ample opportunities to integrate with the cohort, incorporating icebreakers during orientation week, creating extracurriculars, and ultimately building a cohort whose bound I believe to be stronger as we pushed through adversity to create life long connections.

What piece of advice would you give to anyone considering doing their MBA at DeGroote?

Find the right place for you and be confident it will all work out.

What has been the highlight of your DeGroote experience so far?

My connections with my peers and the support I have gotten from like minded individuals has definitely been the highlight of my experience so far. I appreciate the support of the facility to find co-op opportunities, the help from academic councilors to find your perfect set of courses aligned with your interest as well as the health and wellness team who allow you to feel that zoom fatigue is a real thing and that it is okay to take mental breaks if needed. The feeling of being supported through this journey is by far the highlight of DeGroote so far

Aside from being an MBA Student Ambassador, what other extra-curricular activities have you been involved with while at DeGroote?

  • Peer Preparation Program

Tell us one fun fact about you!

I love to swim!