Image of Suneet Mann Scaled

Suneetinder Mann

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Full-time with Co-op
McMaster University (Bachelor of Science in Nursing)
Class of 2024

With two previous degrees from McMaster, the decision to choose McMaster was easy. McMaster has a rich culture made up of diverse professionals that come together to provide a variety of perspectives. I knew this program would provide me unique experiences, insights and skills that would allow me to grow my career in the healthcare sector.

Work Experience during the DeGroote MBA (Co-op or Summer Internship)

  • Project Analyst – St.Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton
  • Marketing – Smith & Nephew
  • Administrative Resident – Mackenzie Health

Why DeGroote?

Having two previous degrees from McMaster I knew continuing my educational journey as a Marauder was the right fit. I really wanted to gain a comprehensive understanding of the business side of healthcare. I was looking to apply my knowledge and expertise as a nurse in the context of improving processes and management within the healthcare setting. I sought the MBA with co-op to support this pivot in my career as I continued to build my business acumen and gain firsthand experience.

What piece of advice would you give to anyone considering doing their MBA at DeGroote?

Take chances and step outside of your comfort zone, it will often lead to new learning opportunities, enriching experiences and surprising self-development!

Extra Curricular Involvement at DeGroote MBA

  • Engagement in multiple networking events
  • MBA Student Ambassador