Image of Ruchika Bhadran

Ruchika Bhadran

Mississauga, Canada
Sheridan College (Bachelor's degree, Accounting)
Class of 2023

MBA was always my main goal and I decided to pursue a DeGroote MBA because I aspire to pursue more leadership based roles, especially for women.

Why DeGroote?

DeGroote is my first choice because of the MBA community (faculty, staff and community) and DeGroote’s reputation made it an easy decision to pursue my MBA. So far, it has been a wonderful journey and I am beyond happy to be part of the DeGroote community.  There are several opportunities for students to exceed in all academic, personal and professional goals and thus, I am truly grateful for being part of an amazing institution.

Why an MBA?

MBA was always my main goal and I decided to pursue a DeGroote MBA because I aspire to pursue more leadership based roles especially, for women. Also, with a DeGroote MBA, I can connect with fellow colleagues and network to build on professional relationships. DeGroote MBA would help in exploring all platforms and I would gain all the expertise needed to succeed in the professional field. The DeGroote MBA program will be a valuable asset and I can diversify in all avenues in the industry. Strive to do your best!

What surprised you about DeGroote?

There are various MBA programs catered to different students (Executive MBA, Part-time Accelerated MBA and Co-op). The various programs allows students to focus on other commitments (family, work, socializing) and pursue an MBA simultaneously. DeGroote MBA helps students excel in every aspect! Each program overview is very detailed and encourages students to pursue whichever one works well for them. Incoming students are not limited to options but rather, they can choose whichever one fits their criteria.

What piece of advice would you give to anyone considering doing their MBA at DeGroote?

Students should explore every opportunity that comes their way. Anything that interests you, go for it! Do not be scared of rejection and take it as a learning experience and make your MBA experience the BEST! Sky is the limit!!

What has been the highlight of your DeGroote experience so far?

So far, MBA has been a memorable journey. Each and everyday, I am glad I decided to pursue my MBA in DeGroote. The highlight has been meeting other students from diverse backgrounds. My first semester was all online and I really hoped we could all be in person. Now, we are in person and I loved every moment. I met many students from different and similar backgrounds and we are all on this journey together. The DeGroote experience will be cherished for a lifetime.

Aside from being an MBA Student Ambassador, what other extra-curricular activities have you been involved with while at DeGroote?

  • DeGroote MBA Students LinkedIn Team.
  • DeGroote MBA Student Ambassador Program
  • Peer Prep Program
  • General Member of Clubs

Tell us one fun fact about you!

I bought a guitar about one and a half years ago and I finally decided to pursue my passion for music. Currently, I enrolled in guitar lessons and I know what a chord and a fret is. I am on my way!